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Featured Story Map

Property and Planning






Parcel Conditions Viewer
Zoning Map
Area Plans (General Plan Fig.1)
Existing Land Use (General Plan Fig.3)
General Plan Land Use Diagram (General Plan Fig.4)

 Marina Facility Map
Highlights of Major Parks
Open Space/Recreation Map (General Plan Fig.17)
Parks Map 
Parks Map (size: 11x17)
Public Art Program Map

Solar Map
Creeks Ordinance Notice Viewer
CGS Hazard Study Zones
Environmental Management Area Map
Environmental Constraints Map





Other Map Resources


Vehicular Circulation Network (General Plan Fig.10)
Emergency Access & Evacuation Network
Transit Map
Bicycle Network Map
Bicycle Parking Map
Residential Permit Parking (RPP) Map
Truck Route System

West Berkeley Capital Projects
West Berkeley Redevelopment Area
Savo Island Redevelopment Area
Berkeley Redevelopment Agency Supported Projects
Commercial vacancies search

City of Berkeley Wall Map
Streets and Zipcodes Map
Census 2010 Redistricting Data
Council Districts & Precincts
Historic Resources Map
Wireless Telecommunication
Fire Districts Map 
Community Crimeview 
Historic Maps & Aerial Photos

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