West Berkeley Circulation Master Plan Report

WBCMP Report Purposes

Model baseline & future traffic conditions to assist:

Recommend WB priorities for transit, auto, truck, bike & ped circulation capital improvements for:

For West Berkeley, from the city borders at Albany and Emeryville and from the eastern edge of San Pablo Avenue to the Western Frontage Road.

The WBCMP Report, prepared by Wilbur Smith and Associates (WSA), includes five reports or chapters completed between October 2007 and March 2009, including a Existing Conditions, Future Conditions, Circulation Improvements; Financing, Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan, and Implementation Plan Reports.  All of these reports are available on-line, along the summary presentations and handouts made by WSA via the Quick Links below.

Additionally WSA provided the Office of Transportation with a Traffix and Synchro based model for the consistent analysis of development proposal’s traffic impacts in West Berkeley and sensitivity analysis of changes to West Berkeley’s conditions or available data.   The Traffix model includes greater network detail then the CMA model while consistent with the regional model and incorporates trip generation assumptions specific to West Berkeley’s current mode split.  The model also allows sensitivity analysis for project specific TDM Measures as well.  Output in the Traffix and Synchro is illustrated here.  Trip Generation Model is available here (32 MB).

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