Downtown Parking & Transportation Demand Management Program (PTDM)

The “Downtown Parking and Transportation Demand Management Program" (PTDM) will result in three principal deliverables:

The PTDM will include recommendations for changes: to current parking practices (for on-street spaces and off-street garages), and development requirements for development and Transportation Demand Management programs. 

The internationally recognized firm of Nelson/Nygaard is providing consulting services to this project.

On Wednesday, June 9, 2010, Nelson/Nygaard will present important PTDM strategies and other information to a joint meeting of the Planning Commission and Transportation Commission.  Draft recommendations are expected in September 2010.

Existing Parking & Transportation Demand Management: Programs, Conditions & Practices, Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates, May 2010 (.pdf)

Downtown Parking & Transportation Demand Management Plan: Existing Conditions & "Toolkit" of Strategies, June 2010 (.pdf) 

Note:  The current PTDM effort builds on and will revise aspects of the 2001 Downtown/Southside TDM Plan.

Downtown Area Plan

Streets & Open Space Improvement Plan (SOSIP)