Thursday May 20, 2010 AT 7:00 PM
1901 HEARST AVENUE, Workshop B
Berkeley, CA 94704
Wheelchair Accessible


The packet for this (and future) Design Review Committee meeting is available for review at the Berkeley
Library main branch at 2090 Kittredge Street, or online on the Design Review Committee page under
Boards and Commissions. 

 This meeting is being held in a wheelchair accessible location. To request a disability-related
accommodation(s) to participate in the meeting, including auxiliary aids or services, please contact the
Disability Services specialist at 981-6342 (V) or 981-6345 (TDD) at least three business days before the
meeting date.  Please refrain from wearing scented products to this meeting.

For Communications information and Legal Notice Concerning Your Legal Rights, please refer to
the last page of this Agenda

Meetings must adjourn by midnight, when room reservations expire. Please exit promptly.



     Jim Goring, Chair (Appointed by Zoning Adjustments Board)
     Charles McCulloch, Vice-Chair (Appointed by Zoning Adjustments Board)
     Robert Allen (Zoning Adjustments Board)
     David Blake (Civic Arts Commission)
     Carrie Olson (Landmarks Preservation Commission)
     George Williams (Zoning Adjustments Board)
     Adam Woltag (Appointed by Zoning Adjustments Board)


The applicant and or their designee will have 5 to 10 minutes to make a presentation of their project to the
Committee. The public is also invited to make a public comment if they wish. To do so, you should fill out a
speaker card before the meeting starts and give it to the Secretary of the Committee. Please be advised that
the Committee may limit the number of speakers and the length of time allowed to each speaker (3 minutes
is the usual amount of time allowed). The public is also encouraged to submit their comments and or testimony
in writing at which time it will become a part of the public record. CONTACT: Secretary of the Committee, Anne
Burns, (510) 981-7410, 2120 Milvia Street.


Due to the large volume of projects, and the limited amount of time available to hear each project, the Design
Review Committee has the right to re-arrange the order of the agenda in order to accommodate the projects
that will not require a lot of time.

The next Design Review Committee meeting will be held on Thursday, June 17, 2010.

     1. 1425 HENRY STREET [between Rose and Vine] (DR#09-30000095): Continued Preliminary Design Review 
         of a renovation and expansion of an existing grocery store (Safeway).  Improvements
         will include a 17,897 sq. ft. expansion of the floor area for a new total of 46,147 sq. ft., as well as an on-site
         parking garage ramp and new landscaping throughout.  Off-site improvements include new street trees and
         expanded planting in city right of way.

     2. 2300 BANCROFT WAY [between Ellsworth and Rose] (DR#10-30000022): Preliminary Design Review 
         of the construction of a new five-story, 161 bed student-oriented group living (dorm) project with a
         footprint of 24,332 sq. ft. on a property owned by St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. The proposal includes the
        demolition of an existing parking structure, community facility, and classroom building.


       Final Design Review Process – color and construction detail review


       City survey to Committee members


       Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
              A. Minutes from 04/15/2010 DRC Meeting
                  Recommendation: Approve Minutes

VIII. ADJOURN (by 11:15 pm)

Communications to Berkeley boards, commissions or committees are public record and will become part of
the City’s electronic records, which are accessible through the City’s website.  Please note: e-mail addresses,
names, addresses, and other contact information are not required, but if included in any communication
to a City board, commission or committee, will become part of the public record.
If you do not want your
e-mail address or any other contact information to be made public, you may deliver communications via U.S.
Postal Service or in person to the secretary of the relevant board, commission or committee.  If you do not want
your contact information included in the public record, please do not include that information in your communication.
Please contact the secretary to the relevant board, commission or committee for further information.


If you object to a decision by the Design Review Committee, the following requirements and restrictions apply:

1. If you challenge the decision of the City in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone
else raised at the public hearing described in this notice, or in written correspondence delivered to the Design
Review Committee at, or prior to, the public hearing.
2. You must appeal to the Zoning Adjustments Board within fourteen (14) days of the date of the action of the
Design Review Committee. 
3. Pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure Section 1094.6(b), no lawsuit challenging a City Council decision, as
defined by Code of Civil Procedure Section 1094.6(e), regarding a use permit, variance or other permit may be
filed more than ninety (90) days after the date the decision becomes final, as defined in Code of Civil Procedure
Section 1094.6(b). Any lawsuit not filed within that ninety (90) day period will be barred.
4. Pursuant to Government Code Section 65009(c)(1), no lawsuit challenging a City Council decision, as defined
by Code of Civil Procedure Section 1094.6(e), regarding a use permit, variance or other permit may be filed more
than ninety (90) days after the date the decision becomes final, as defined in Code of Civil Procedure Section
1094.6(b).  Any lawsuit not filed within that ninety (90) day period will be barred.
5. Pursuant to Government Code Section 66020(d)(1), notice is hereby given to the applicant that the 90-day
protest period for any fees, dedications, reservations, or other exactions included in any permit approval begins
upon final action by the City, and that any challenge must be filed within this 90-day period.
6. If you believe that this decision or any condition attached to it denies you any reasonable economic use of the
subject property, was not sufficiently related to a legitimate public purpose, was not sufficiently proportional to any
impact of the project, or for any other reason constitutes a “taking” of property for public use without just compensation
under the California or United States Constitutions, the following requirements apply:
A. That this belief is a basis of your appeal.
B. Why you believe that the decision or condition constitutes a "taking" of property as set forth above.
C. All evidence and argument in support of your belief that the decision or condition constitutes a “taking” as set forth above.
If you do not do so, you will waive any legal right to claim that your property has been taken, both before the City Council and in court