Devices That Support Podcasting

The following mobile devices currently support the MP4 video podcast: 

The following PC operating systems support the MP4 video podcast (using iTunes, Zune Marketplace, or any other player that supports mpeg4-h.264 encoded video)

• Linux OS
• MacIntosh OS
• Windows OS The MP3 audio podcast works on any device that supports MP3’s

PC Minimum Requirements:
Audience:           292 Kbps
Audio codec:      Windows Media Audio 9.1
Audio format:     32 kbps, 32 kHz, stereo CBR
Video codec:      Windows Media Video 9
Video bit rate:    241 Kbps
Video size:         320 x 240
Frame rate:        29.97 fps
Key frame:         1 s
Image quality:   60
Buffer size:        5 s
Script bit rate:    10 Kbps

Note:  Currently, the Blackberry Curve (the City of Berkeley’s approved standard mobile device) does not support the MP4 video podcast.  The Department of Information Technology is in the process of developing an automated procedure that will convert the MP4 video podcast to a format that the Blackberry can support.  This functionality should become available by June 1st.