Proposed Addison Street Improvements to Link Berkeley to Waterfront Recreational Opportunities

Key Linkage - Existing

The Bike Bridge provides Berkeley ’s sole access for pedestrians and bicycles to such amenities as:

Addison Street is thus a key access point to the Bike and Pedestrian Bridge and the points west accessible from the Bike and Pedestrian Bridge .  Bancroft, two blocks to the south, offers access by way of Bolivar to the Bike and Pedestrian Bridge , but as adjacent to park parking may be better suited for vehicular access to the park than Addison .  Thus the Aquatic Park Connection is key to accommodating non-vehicular travel to West Berkeley ’s rich, but geographically isolated parklands.

Key Linkage - Proposed

Both the City of Berkeley ’s Parks, Recreation, and Waterfront Department and the State Parks Department are planning improvements to park lands accessible from Addison Street and the Bike and Pedestrian Bridge . 

City plans include improvements to the areas immediately surrounding the Bike and Pedestrian Bridge including half an acre of existing parking to be re-envisioned as a stop on many a bicyclist’s journey between the City and regional amenities over the freeway, as well as Aquatic Park visitors seeking to orient themselves to the City’s largest municipal park.   This area, known as East Touchdown Plaza, will be explicitly linked through design elements with the proposed improvements on Addison Street.  Aquatic Park is also receiving $2M in funds to enhance water quality and habitat, which may include dredging the North lagoon for improved water quality at the foot of Addison Street.  Further, 2.5 acres in Chavez Park is under design for a commemorative sundial, celebrating the

seasons and their link to sustainable agricultural practices, as a fitting memorial to Cesar Chavez.

Eastshore State Park has four units under development in Berkeley:

  1. Berkeley Beach
  2. Brickyard
  3. The Meadow
  4. North Basin strip

The Brickyard, under remediation now, is intended for a visitor center in immediate proximity to the Bike and Pedestrian Bridge , creating a specific draw for bicyclists to utilize the bridge to cross to the park lands as well as, with surrounding parking, creating a new point of origin for cyclists entering West Berkeley and the 4th Street retail district.  The Meadow has already had restoration begun and offers immediate opportunities for wildlife viewings for anyone venturing over the bike bridge.