The following Administrative Plan Documents were adopted by the Board at the April 8, 2010 Public Hearing Meeting:

Staff Report - Public Hearing and Adoption of Fiscal Year 2010-2011 Annual Plan 

Comments from the Resident Advisory Board 

Comments from National Housing Law Project and Bay Area Legal Aid 

Summary of Proposed Changes to the Administrative Plan 

Administrative Plan Title Page 

Draft Table of Contents 

Draft Introduction 

Chapter 1 Draft: Overview

Chapter 2 Draft: Fair Housing

Chapter 3 Draft: Eligibility

Chapter 4 Draft: Wait List

Chapter 5 Draft: Brief/Voucher Issue

Chapter 6 Draft: Income/Subsidy

Chapter 7 Draft: Verification

Chapter 8 Draft: HQS 

Chapter 9 Draft: Leasing 

Chapter 10 Draft: Portability 

Chapter 11 Draft: Reexaminations 

Chapter 12 Draft: Terminations 

Chapter 13 Draft: Owners 

Chapter 14 Draft: Program Integrity 

Chapter 15 Draft: Housing Types 

Chapter 16 Draft: Program Administration 

Chapter 17 Draft: S8PB 

Chapter 18 Draft: SRO Mod Rehab 

Draft Glossary 


PHA Plan