Musing on Superstition, Luck & Happiness

1947 Center Street Lobby Gallery
Berkeley, California  94704
March 12 – June 11, 2010

Amulets – Musings on Superstition, Luck & Happiness appear in an exhibition of Elaine Chew in the lobby gallery of the City of Berkeley building at 1947 Center Street from March 12 through June 11, 2010.  Amulets and talismans are used in many cultures to protect and bring luck and health to the wearer. These etchings and monoprints are inspired by Elaine Chew’s family collection of amulets, good luck tokens and other cultural symbols which commemorate important passages of life.

Elaine is on a voyage away from her Australian upbringing and will soon pass through China, the roots of her ancestry. The magical recreation of amulets may protect her from the negative forces which abound along the way and aid in her return to her arts residency at Kala Institute in Berkeley and East Side Cultural Center in Oakland where she is exploring her love for printmaking.

Art @ 1947 Center Street Lobby Gallery is a project of the Civic Arts Program of the City of Berkeley in cooperation with the Civic Arts Commission. For more information about the Windows Gallery, please contact the curator, Greg Morozumi at (510)532-9692 or Mary Ann Merker, Civic Arts Coordinator at (510)981-7533, 

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