2007 City of Berkeley Annual Report 

Conserving in Berkeley


Charting a Course for Emission Reduction

Last fall, an overwhelming majority of Berkeley voters voted for Measure G, which set an aggressive goal of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050.

The City is hosting events all summer and fall to invite residents, businesses and non-profit organizations to help chart the course for emission reduction. Everyone can participate because everyone has a role to play in climate protection.

After more than six months of public comment, the City Council will be given a plan that will outline the best ways for Berkeleyans to reduce our emissions by 80 percent. Some of those strategies will certainly include:

To learn more about the Measure G plan and how you can improve our community, visit www.cityofberkeley.info/sustainable/ or call 981-5437.

Be Part of the Solution: Take the Berkeley Climate Action Pledge

Sign Up

Hundreds of residents have already taken the pledge. Help us get to 1,000 by emailing measureg@ci.berkeley.ca.us and saying that you will take the pledge too! Small changes will make the big difference, and we’ll help.

The Pledge

I will address the climate crisis by taking responsibility for my greenhouse gas emissions. I pledge to reduce my greenhouse gas emissions by at least 10% within one year and 2% every year after that.

How We'll Help

The City will provide resources and ideas to help reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. We can email you information on free and reduced priced services, and our website www.cityofberkeley.info/sustainable/ is also full of great tips.

NEW PROGRAM: Food Waste Recycling!


Food and food-soiled paper are the largest category of waste going to landfills, where they decay and create greenhouse gasses.

Starting later this summer, though, Berkeley residents can turn food scraps and kitchen paper into compost by recycling food waste. Even meat and bones, a no-no for backyard composting, can be put in the pail, along with food scraps, milk cartons, napkins and even pizza boxes. Just empty your new green pail into your yard waste cart and we’ll pick it up once a week.

This City of Berkeley program will divert waste away from our landfills, helping us get closer to meeting our Measure G goals.

Who gets it? Single-family residences and two-to-four-unit buildings will get the kitchen pails automatically.

Apartments and condos with more than four units can participate but will need more technical assistance. Interested residents should give us a call!

For more information about this and other recycling programs, call Public Works at 981-7270.


City of Berkeley Solid Waste: For information on recycling, composting, dangerous waste removal, street sweeping and more.
StopWaste.org is the Alameda County Waste Management Authority and the Alameda County Source Reduction and Recycling Board. A great site for businesses and residents who are concerned about waste, recycling, green building, the San Francisco Bay and lots of other things.
The Berkeley/Albany Reuse Directory (PDF) is a  shopper’s

treasure, with 300 shops and resources listed where you can

buy, sell, trade, rent, repair, or donate the many things of

enduring quality – at bargain prices!