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2010 Planning Commission Reports

October 13, 2010
West Berkeley Project –Planning Commission Discussion and follow-up to 9/22/10 public hearing regarding BMC 23E.28, 23B.36, 23E.72, 23E.76, 23E.80, 23E.84 and 23F.04; changes to the West Berkeley Plan; Final EIR 

September 22, 2010
West Berkeley Project –Public Hearing on Zoning Amendments to BMC 23B.36, 23E.28, 23E.72, 23E.76, 23E.80, and 23F.04; and changes to the West Berkeley Plan 

July 28, 2010
West Berkeley Project: Review and set public hearing for new zoning and related language (proposed hearing date September 29, 2010)

May 19, 2010
West Berkeley Project Definitions of Research and Development and Discussion of Protected Manufacturing, Warehouse, Wholesale Trade and Material Recovery Enterprise Space. Provide direction to staff on next steps. / Communications

April 14, 2010
West Berkeley Project Proposed Zoning Language / Communications 

March 24, 2010
Draft Master Use Permit (MUP) West Berkeley Zoning Language / Communications 

March 10, 2010
West Berkeley Project Public Hearing on the Draft EIR / Communications 

2009 Planning Commission Reports 

November 18, 2009
West Berkeley - Direction for drafting zoning language for uses and definitions and MUP 

October 28, 2009
West Berkeley Project - Uses/Definitions, Master Use Permits, and Stakeholder Meeting Agenda 

October 14, 2009
West Berkeley Project - Uses and Definitions

July 22, 2009
Public Hearing on Proposed Zoning Amendments

July 8, 2009
Continue discussion of the Master Use Permit proposal (
Please refer to June 24, 2009 Staff Report below)

June 24, 2009
City Council "Fast Track" Items, Set Public Hearing, Discussion and Direction on Master Use Permit

March 25, 2009
Discussion of Land Uses and the Master Use Permit 

February 25, 2009
Discussion of land uses in West Berkeley with presentations from Planning and Office of Economic Development staff 

January 28, 2009
West Berkeley Project - Master Use Permit Concept and Staff Recommendations on Zoning Changes (Staff Report)

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2008 Planning Commission Reports

December 3, 2008
West Berkeley Project - First Set of Obstacles for Review and Direction (Staff report, continued from November 19 meeting)

November 19, 2008
West Berkeley Project - First Set of Obstacles for Review and Direction

July 23, 2008
Review of long range process, refinement of obstacle list, initial discussion of solutions
 / Updated Obstacles to Development List

June 11, 2008
Overall update on the project and process, West Berkeley economic background, evolution of the West Berkeley Development Obstacle List from the last meeting

May 14, 2008
OED Market/Jobs assesment, what's working and not working in West Berkeley, and introduction to the West Berkeley Development Obstacle List / Presentation / Minutes

March 26, 2008
Existing regulatory issues in West Berkeley zoning and summary of March 1, 2008 West Berkeley tour / Minutes

March 1, 2008
West Berkeley Tour Agenda and schedule of tour / Tour map / Map of areas included for increased flexibility / Minutes

February 27, 2008
Preparation for West Berkeley Tour - Tour Agenda and Maps / Minutes

January 23, 2008
Continued discussion on purposes and objectives for increased flexibility, consideration of overall process and schedule, scheduling of Saturday Planning Commission West Berkeley tour

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2007 Planning Commission Reports

December 12, 2007
Increased Flexibility for West Berkeley - Key Goals, Actions and Policies / Presentation / Minutes

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