2007 City of Berkeley Annual Report

 Living Safely in Berkeley

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Be Your Own Bodyguard

When we think about what the police do, we usually think of what they do on TV: respond, investigate and arrest.

But the Berkeley Police Department also invests a lot of time in preventing crime, so that it doesn’t happen in the first place.

Violent crime is a major concern to most Berkeley residents and is BPD’s first priority. Since the best crime prevention is neighborhood-based, the Community Service Bureau runs these and other programs:

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Assessments: Specially trained officers will visit your home or business and provide feedback on how you can improve the safety of your property and deter crime.

Neighborhood Watch: More than 160 Berkeley organizations participate in Neighborhood Watch, which help organize neighborhoods and keep them informed about current crime trends, prevention and disaster preparedness.

Education Campaigns: BPD offers Berkeley residents and business owners pamphlets on many subjects, including senior safety, holiday safety, robbery prevention, domestic violence, stalking, and identity theft.

For more on crime prevention, call the Community Services Bureau at 981-5808 or visit BPD's webpage.

Crime Prevention
Crime Statistics- Community Crime View
Brochures and Publications


The City of Berkeley is constantly working to prepare for disasters. Preparedness experts, however, warn us that individual residents may be on their own for as many as five to seven days in a major disaster.

The good news is that you’re not preparing alone: There are resources available to help you, your family and your neighborhood get ready.

By visiting www.ci.berkeley.ca.us/getready or calling the Office of Emergency Services, you can learn the basics of emergency preparedness and find detailed information about preparedness for seniors, people with disabilities, renters, homeowners, and even pets. You can also register for free disaster preparedness classes and get basic information about disasters such as earthquakes and flu pandemics.

If you’d like to start organizing your neighborhood, call the Office of Emergency Services at 981-5605to set up a free “Five Critical Steps” presentation for you and your neighbors, or download it here.  

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Hills Fire Station Ready For Action

Although fire stations aren’t usually considered remarkable achievements, the new Hills Fire Station may be the exception.

Opened in fall of 2006, the Hills Fire Station is the City’s first U.S. Green Building LEED-certified building, which means recycled products were used in construction and the building and grounds were designed to reduce energy use, erosion and waste.

The station is also seismically safe, has full backup power from a generator, and is located near Tilden Park on Shasta Road, which is a more strategic location than the old Fire Station 7.

This station will be jointly staffed by the Berkeley Fire Department and the East Bay Regional Park District staff on high fire days during this year’s fire season, which started in May.

For more Fire Prevention information, call 981-5585.

It's also fire season, so residents of the Berkeley Hills high risk fire areas need to remove dry growth around their homes.
For more Fire Prevention information, call 981-5585.


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