IPS Meter Pilot Program

A New Single Space Parking Meter that accepts coins and credit cards is coming to North Berkeley on January 8, 2010.

Vine and Walnut streets are the selected locations for a three month Pilot Test of new IPS Group Credit Card Enabled parking meters. 30 new parking meters that accept both coins and credit/debit cards (with Visa or Master card logos) will temporarily replace 30 existing single space meters in the 2100 block of Vine Street (both sides of the street) and on the west side of Walnut Street beginning January 8, 2010.

Some Primary Features of the IPS Smart Meter Include:

/uploadedImages/Public_Works/Level_3_-_Transportation/ips-meter-photo-hires.jpg– Multi Payment using Coin, Credit Card, Debit
– Solar Powered Battery System, with back-up battery pack
– Highly Visible Expiration Time Indicator

The meters are designed to be retrofitted onto existing Single Space Meter heads for ease of installation.

The IPS Smart Meters provide all the features of single space meters with the following additional benefits:
– Accepting Credit Card Payment is a major advantage
– Multi‐Payment Options provide extra Convenience
– Improves Meter Servicing Efficiency by providing Live Status reporting via text message or email
– Solar Powered

Parking Rates:  The parking rate of $1.50 per hour will not change. A 12-minute minimum transaction fee of 30¢ is required to use the new IPS meters (just like the Pay-and-Display Stations).

For Coin Operation
• Insert coins like any ordinary meter

For Credit Card Operation
• Insert/Remove Card
• Choose Amount of Time using Blue Buttons
• Confirm Acceptance or Cancel
• Wait for Verification
• Walk Away

Click here for a pdf flyer version of this info

We welcome your comments about the meter pilot program. Please contact Danette Perry in Public Works/Transportation at (510) 981-7057 (Office) or email: dperry@cityofberkeley.info