Art Work From Walden School


Photos from the December 1, 2009 Sidewalk Art Reception
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The Addison Street Windows Gallery is hosting an exhibition of student artwork from the Walden Center and School entitled "The Tree of Life."  The show can be seen at the Windows Gallery from December 1 through January 9, 2010. Students and teachers from Walden School will have a sidewalk reception on December 2, 2009 at 6pm. The exhibition and reception are free, wheelchair accessible, and can be viewed 24 hours a day from the sidewalk on Addison Street. 

Art  teacher Susana Aragon led second through sixth grade students in an exploration of mixed-media techniques, discussing the importance of trees and nature. The students created works that explore the shape and function of trees in three-dimensional constructions, Children's perspectives are evident in the pieces as fanciful  lollipop trees, tree houses, trees with hands as  branches and miniature worlds come to life. 

Individual students work and collaborative assemblages have been constructed using a variety of materials including plaster, paper mache, fabric, acrylic paints, wood, and cellophane. Paper mache masks with nature themes made by first grade students will also be on exhibit.

Walden Center and School is a leader in integrating progressive academics with the arts. The school is proudly a certified green business. 

The Addison Street Windows Gallery is a project of the Civic Arts Program of the City of Berkeley in cooperation with the Civic Arts Commission. For information about the Windows Gallery, please contact the Curator of the Addison Street Windows Gallery at 510-981-7546, or contact Mary Ann Merker, Civic Arts Coordinator at (510) 981-7533,  For further information about the art works in this exhibition, please contact: