Permits via Fax

The City of Berkeley accepts and issues permits for minor work via the Fax machine, with payment by MasterCard or Visa credit card sent to (510) 981-7505.

To use this service for construction permits, please fill out the Credit card authorization / Fax permit application along with the correction permit application. Your contractor will need to have a current City of Berkeley business license and workers' compensation information. Work for which a permit will be processed are limited to the following:






Approval of Plans
The Permit Service Center (PSC) will email you when you when your project has been approved by all agencies.  Please ensure that the PSC has a valid email address.

Correction Letters via Email
The Permit Service Center (PSC) now has the ability to email correction letters.  To ensure you can benefit from this service, please proved the PSC with your e-mail address when submitting for a permit.  We will continue to mail correction letters when an email address is not available.  (This process may take between 3-5 days.)  Any questions, please contact any Permit Service Center Staff.