As you can see, the City of Berkeley’s website is undergoing a major renovation. Although we hope you like how it looks, this isn’t just about looking better—this is about working better.

The website renovation is just one part of the City’s Customer Service Initiative. The City Council invested in this initiative to improve the way that residents get information and services from the City. The web redesign is a major part of that effort.

The new website is still connected to the old website, but you’ll find that it works a little differently.  We are now using a Web Content Management System, which allows for much better searches (hooray!).  It also allows us to better organize our content and services so that residents, businesses and visitors can quickly find what they’re looking for, either through the navigation bars along the top, the Search engine, or the Services A-Z page.  A couple of things to note:

Broken Links

One of the challenges of a web renovation is that some of your bookmarks to City of Berkeley web pages may no longer work and will need to be updated.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  Please visit the new Search page to find the information you need.

Let Us Know What You Think

This new web site represents several large technological changes, and we’ve done extensive internal testing.  Now it’s time for the true trial-and-error road testing that only the public can provide.  We appreciate your feedback and your patience as we hammer out the kinks.

As you explore the new site, please let us know when you notice things that don’t work, are inconsistent, or otherwise confusing.  We may not answer every email, but we’ll investigate every comment and recommendation.  And if you’re moved to tell us that you like it, we like to hear that, too! webmaster@ci.berkeley.ca.us.