Election InformationCampaign Information: Campaign Filing Deadlines

** Updated Filing Deadlines **

Please follow the link below for the City of Berkeley campaign filing schedule for the November 2016 election. 

 City of Berkeley Filing Schedule - March 2017 Special Election

For the general filing schedule, please visit the state FPPC website - www.fppc.ca.gov

Important Notes:

Except for deadlines that fall on a Saturday, Sunday, or an official state holiday, there is no provision in the law for extending a filing deadline. Late statements may be subject to a $10 per day late fine.

All open campaign committees, current officeholders, and unsuccessful candidates who have not terminated their filing obligations are required to file semi-annual statements. (Government Code Sections 84200 et. al and B.M.C. 2.12)  

A committee is considered “open” unless it has been terminated.  To terminate a Committee, the Treasurer must file Form 410 and Form 460 marked as Termination Statements.  The form 460 must reflect a zero cash balance in order to terminate.

All officeholders that do not have open campaign committees, and do not anticipate raising or spending $250 or more in the calendar year must file Form 470 no later than July 31.  This statement covers the entire calendar year.

All campaign statements filed are public documents open for viewing and copying at our office by the public.  The statements are also available for viewing the City Clerk web page.  The statements on the web have the addresses redacted.


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