Business License Renewal Information & Assistance

This site is designed to assist Berkeley businesses in completing the business license renewal form and calculating business license tax payments. If you require additional information – or have not received a Business License Renewal Form in the mail – please contact us via email, telephone (510) 981-7200, or TDD (510) 981-7250.

Generally, all business licenses expire on December 31. Business license renewals are mailed to business owners the first week of December and have until February 28 to renew their business license. However, contractors must renew their license prior to applying for a building permit. Building permits will not be issued to contractors who do not possess a valid business license.

All Berkeley businesses are responsible for the timely filing of annual business license renewal and renewal payments, which must be received or postmarked by February 28.  Businesses failing to meet this deadline will incur late payment penalties of 10% March 1, and an additional 40% on April 1, and accrue interest at 1% per month after March 1.   

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COMPUTING YOUR BUSINESS LICENSE TAX & OTHER ASSESSMENTS: Using the tax code designated in the preprinted section (gray box) of the renewal form, complete the corresponding section of the renewal form.

NONPROFITS: The tax code for nonprofit businesses will have an "N" following the base tax code. To locate the section you should complete, follow instructions corresponding to the base tax code (without the N). Example: if you have tax code BN, complete the section for tax code B.