Addison Street Windows Gallery January 24 – March 6, 2007

Berkeley, California (Tuesday, January 23, 2007) - The City of Berkeley is pleased to announce the art exhibition, "Health Through Art”, a community based project promoting health and creativity.  The paintings and drawings will be exhibited in the Addison Street Window Gallery from January 24 - March 6, 2007. The Windows Gallery can be viewed from the sidewalk 24-hours a day. It is free and wheelchair accessible. 

Since 1989, Health Through Art (HTA) has been working to create positive social change by combining the power of creative expression with a pervasive media force. By putting community-created artwork in public spaces, HTA promotes wellness, recovery, and healthy decision-making for individuals and communities.

 The exhibit will display the work of artists of all ages from all over the Bay Area. Using an array of painting and drawing media, the artists submit their work through a biennial Call for Art. The work is specifically aimed to challenge media stereotypes and colorfully counteract substance abuse, racism, violence and socially destructive media imagery. Many of the participating artists are affiliated with schools, community and cultural centers. However, the range of participants in this project knows no bounds. The youngest winner of these juried biennials was 5-years old and the oldest was 90. All of the artwork submitted becomes part of HTA's 17-year long campaign to encourage healthy choices for individuals and the community through the roving art show's display of positive visual messaging.

 Although Health Through Art receives its primary funding through a contract with Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services, the project has been supported by numerous grants, and generous donations.

 The artwork has been made into posters and posted on BART, and on bus shelters in southern Alameda County. One of the artworks, "Stop the Violence" by Becky Collins of Livermore, became a sheet billboard, seen in Oakland and Berkeley, and on buses all around Alameda County. It was translated into 14 languages, representative of the county's diverse population.

 For information about the exhibition and the Addison Street Windows Gallery please visit the Civic Arts web page http://www.ci.berkeley.ca.us/civicarts/publicart.htm or contact Mary Ann Merker, Civic Arts Coordinator at (510) 981-7533.