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"Bay Area: Big, Abstract, Digital" an exhibition of new digital prints will be shown at the Addison Street Windows Gallery from July 16 through August 23, 2009.    There will be a reception for the artists on Thursday, July 23, 6 to 9 PM. This exhibition and reception are open to the public, free, wheelchair accessible and can be viewed 24 hours a day from the sidewalk.  This artwork, by members and affiliates of the Digital Arts Club (DAC) at Berkeley City College, ranges from color field to gestural expressions and pure formalism to "cubist" styles. These large-scale prints, over two foot square and larger, are a synthesis of explorations of digital images presented on canvas and paper.

The images are found imagery (in public domain), sampled photography and other bitmap inputs.  The sources can be almost anything from abstracted digital noise patterns to distorted photography to scanned objects to drawn filaments and are part of the  tri-part development of new digital genres in digital printmaking  at Berkeley City College.

The artists include: Richard J. Blakely, Jan Dove, Jon Fisher, Philip Hall, Pearl Jones-Tranter, Zohra Kalinkowitz, Anna Kaminska, Tana Lehr, Laurie Lippe, Susan Liroff,  P.G. Meier, Julie Negrel, Ribitch, Diane Rosenblum Althoff, Matthew Silverberg, Kevin Tikker and Bijan Yashar.

The Addison Street Windows Gallery is a project of the Civic Arts Program of the City of Berkeley in cooperation with the Civic Arts Commission. For information about the Windows Gallery please contact the curator of the Addison Street Windows at (510) 981-7546, or Mary Ann Merker, Civic Arts Coordinator at (510) 981-7533, For further information about this exhibition, please call Matthew Silverberg, 510/525-8247 or  For an art preview please consult the Digital Arts Club web site: or the Addison Street Windows link at

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