For Immediate Release
Press Contact: Wendy Cosin, Deputy Planning Director, (510) 981-6905

On-Line Plan Check Status and Parcel Information, Make Appointments for Faster Service

Berkeley, California (Wednesday, October 12, 2005) - Berkeley’s Permit Service Center (PSC) announces recent improvements to help with the building permit process. The PSC is the place to go if you need any type of permit for a development project.  Most people visit or call the PSC to submit applications or for information about zoning and building permits.  Two new tools are available through the Planning Department’s website ( to help people get information on-line. 

The most recent addition is the "Permit Application Search,"  that provides on-line plan check status.  If you have submitted a building permit application for City review, this tool allows you to see whether the plan check has been completed and, if the estimated date of completion has passed, where the project is in the process.

The Planning Department’s website also has a link for "Parcel Conditions and Permit History."  This tool provides the development conditions and building permit history for a specific address or parcel number in the City of Berkeley, along with an interactive map that displays the parcel number and zoning for adjacent parcels.  Available information includes the zoning district and a link to the applicable zoning regulations, and information about whether the property is affected by certain environmental constraints, such as creek proximity, flood zone or mapped landslide and liquefaction areas.  In addition, the tool provides a list of building permits that have been issued for the property since 1991.

The third new feature is that "appointments" are now available at the PSC.  For faster service, make an appointment if you are submitting a new building permit application, permit re-submittal, or project revision. This will help minimize waiting time.  To make an appointment, call (510) 981-7502.