Tuesday, October 13, 2009 – 3:00 p.m.

2001 Center Street, Second Floor
Law Library


1. Roll call.

2. Approval of Agenda.

3. Public Comment.

4. Approval of Minutes of June 1, 2009 meeting.

5. Discussion and possible action to determine when to meet as a committee regularly.

6. Discussion and possible action to recommend 2010 Annual General Adjustment to the full Board.

7. Discussion and possible action regarding ineligibility of Annual General Adjustments for units that fail to comply with the Rental Housing Safety Program.

8. Review form created for Regulation 702-Berkeley Security Deposit Interest.

9. Discussion and possible action regarding proposed amendments to Regulation 702 to clarify procedures for refund of security deposit interest at the termination of a tenancy.

10. Report from staff regarding project to update Board regulations to standardize language and terms, correct   typographical and grammatical errors, delete obsolete material and make substantive changes to conform to changes in state law.

11. Discussion of staff report regarding Hearings Unit statistics.

12. Discussion of and possible action to update and modify Regulation 1266 - Self-Labor.

13. Update and discussion regarding June 10, 2009 meeting of the 4 x 4 Committee.

14. Discussion and possible action on a harassment/retaliation hotline.

15. Items for future agendas

16. Adjournment.

Dave Blake       
Howard Chong      
Jack Harrison, Vice Chair       
Lisa Stephens, Chair     

Matt Brown, Staff Attorney
(510) 981-4930