City of Berkeley Reference Station

Surveyors, GIS/LIS professionals, engineers, scientists, and others can apply Berkeley Reference Station data to position points at which Global Navigation Satellite System data have been collected.  The Berkeley Reference Station data files can be used as additional control in your post processing scheme if it is a static, rapid static or kinematic scheme. The position of the Berkeley Reference Station is derived from averaged OPUS solutions, so it is based on NAD83 , C.C.S. Zone III, 2002 epoch, NAVD88 (Geoid09).  The City of Berkeley currently uses a Trimble 5700 dual frequency receiver with a Zephyr Geodetic antenna as its Reference Station. The antenna in located atop the City Administration building located at 2180 Milvia Street.

The City of Berkeley can provide hourly correction files generated by the reference station in both DAT and RINEX formats.

The City Reference Station also broadcasts, continuously, real time corrections (RTK) that may be used by anyone with the proper radio. The correction data is currently being broadcast at 464.6000 and 464.7000 kHz (wideband spacing), CMR+ format.  The base index number is 0 (Zero) and the base point will show up on your data collector as BERK.  As with the static files, the position is derived from OPUS solutions, so it is based on the 2002 epoch.  When using the RTK signal please be aware that the elevations broadcast (Ortho Ht.) have been translated to Berkeley City Datum.  (A link to approximate conversion values for various data is located at the bottom of this page.)

These GPS correction data files are provided as is, with no warranty, either expressed or implied. It is your responsibility to use these files properly.  The City of Berkeley assumes no liability for the accuracy, or subsequent use, of these files. By accepting these files you agree to these terms and conditions.

Reference herein to any specific commercial product, process or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise, does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement or recommendation by the City of Berkeley.

For more information or to request static files contact:
Matthew Tanner
City of Berkeley - Chief of Party
D.P.W., Eng. Division, Survey Section
1947 Center St., 4th Floor
Berkeley, Ca. 94704-1155
Phone: (510) 981-6419, Fax (510) 981-6390

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