City of Berkeley 2009 Housing Element

Opportunity Site Inventory and Residential Capacity Analysis

As part of the 2009 Housing Element update, Berkeley is required to identify land that is suitable for enough development to allow 2,431 new residential units.  To meet this goal, city staff reviewed records on Berkeley properties to find those with potential for new residential or mixed-use construction.  Below is a map of the areas identified for potential new units followed by a list of the sites by address and Assessors Parcel Number (APN). 

Focus Areas
University Avenue | San Pablo Avenue | Telegraph Avenue | Shattuck Avenue / Adeline Avenue | Other | DAPSSP 

Click on the street name above to jump to that street on the opportunity site inventory page then scroll to find the street number.  A link to Google Street View or a photo is provided for each parcel. The Downtown Area Plan (DAP) and Southside Plan (SSP) links take you to the homepage for those area plans.

Background Information

State Requirements and RHNA
State law requires the city to show adequate land capacity to build 2,431 new residential units.  More information.

Opportunity Sites Inventory Methodology
City staff identified larger sites with low amounts of existing development because these have the greatest potential for new residential units. More information.

Residential Unit Capacity
City staff estimated the potential number of new units on each site based on development densities of recent projects on near by sites. More information.

Staff Report to the Planning Commission on the Site Inventory and Capacity Analysis dated 5-27-09.