Environmental Impact Analysis

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires state and local agencies to assess the environmental impacts of certain projects, and notify the public of those impacts prior to approving the projects.  The basic steps in the CEQA process are as follows:

  1. The agency determines whether the project is subject to CEQA.  Many projects are “categorically exempt” from CEQA because of their size or nature, or because there is no reasonable possibility that they will significantly effect the environment.  Article 19 of the CEQA Guidelines lists the types of projects that are normally exempt.

  2. If the project is not exempt from CEQA, then the agency must conduct an “initial study” of the project’s effect on the environment.  The study is based on a standardized checklist covering topics such as air quality, traffic, and noise.  If the study does not identify any significant impacts, then the agency must prepare a “negative declaration”.  If a significant impact is identified, the agency must prepare an “environmental impact report” (EIR).

  3. The agency must notify the public at least 20 days prior to adopting a negative declaration or EIR.  During this period, the public may review and comment on the environmental document.  Any comments indicating a significant impact must be addressed by the agency prior to adopting the document. 

Notices of Preparation:

Initial Studies:

2025 Center Street: Center Street Garage - Initial Study, July 2015

801 Grayson/800 Dwight: Bayer Healthcare Product Testing Facility
                           Notice of Intent to Adopt a Negative Declaration
                           Initial Study, Public Review Draft, August 2014           

Civic Center District Overlay Zoning - Initial Study

2201 Dwight - Initial Study, October 2012,  Notice of Preparation

2598-2600 Shattuck: Parker Place Project - Initial Study, November 1, 2011

2727 Milvia: Proposed Sports Basement at Berkeley Iceland  - Initial Study, September 6, 2011

Public Library Zoning Amendment - Initial Study  

Berkeley South Branch Library (1901 Russell Street) - Initial Study    

Berkeley West Branch Library (1125 University Avenue) - Initial Study 

1885 University Avenue  - Initial Study (PDF, 2368k) 

700 University Avenue Mixed-Use Project:

400 Gilman - Gilman Street Sports Fields

2200 Oxford Street - Brower Center/Oxford Plaza

Southside Plan Draft EIR Notice of Preparation and Draft Initial Study

920 Heinz St West Berkeley Bowl

Mitigated Negative Declarations

City of Berkeley Watershed Management Plan - Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration/Initial Study

2598-2600 Shattuck Avenue - Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration for Parker Place Project

1885 University Avenue  - Mitigated Negative Declaration (PDF, 42k) 

3075 Adeline Street - Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration for Ed Roberts Campus


Negative Declarations

DRAFT 2015-2023 Housing Element Negative Declaration and Initial Study


Public Library Zoning Amendment

2635 Ashby Avenue (includes Initial Study)

2996 Telegraph (includes Initial Study)

Environmental Impact Reports

1441 Ashby  - Draft Environmental Impact Report (August 2007), DEIR Appendices   

2301 Durant Avenue/2300 Bancroft - Lion's Hall  - Draft Environmental Impact Report

2301 Durant Avenue - Lions Hall   - Final Environmental Impact Report (July 18, 2011)

2201 Dwight Way - Draft Environmental Impact Report

1900 Fourth Street - Draft Environmental Impact Report

2211 Harold Way  - Final Environmental Impact Report

920 Heinz St West Berkeley Bowl  - Draft Environmental Impact Report

920 Heinz St West Berkeley Bowl - Final Environmental Impact Report , FEIR Appendices

2727 Milvia Street - Berkeley Iceland 
The Response to Comments document, together with the Draft EIR, constitutes the Final EIR for the Berkeley Iceland Adaptive Reuse project.

2539 Telegraph Avenue - Draft Environmental Impact Report (November 2014)

2539 Telegraph Avenue - Final Environmental Impact Report (June 2015)

700 University Avenue Mixed-Use Project:  - Draft Environmental Impact Report (May 2006)

Zoning Ordinance Amendment and South and West Libraries - Draft Environmental Impact Report

Zoning Ordinance Amendment and South and West Branch Libraries   - Final Environmental Impact Report

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