Current Zoning Applications

 Zoning Applications, also referred to as Zoning Projects, refer to the more complex proposed developments that allow for public input during the permitting process. Examples include projects such as large, new commercial building; major residential additions or a new research building in West Berkeley.pic

Land Use Planning staff reviews these proposals for consistency with the zoning regulations, for affects on the community and the environment. The Land Use Planning staff also review and process Land Use Permits for new businesses in existing buildings.

The documents received and/or created during this decision-making process
comprise the land use record for a proposed project, maintained by the
Land Use Planning Division.   Paper copies are available for public review;
and as of January 10, 2011, electronic copies are now available on-line, through
the link provided below.   

On-Line Records for Current Zoning Applications

The above link  provides public access to:

Paper copies may be reviewed at the Permit Service Center,
2120 Milvia Street, 2nd floor, by calling 510-981-7410. 

Opportunities for Public Involvement
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