Health Inequities in Berkeley

YOU can take action to eliminate health inequities.  We are taking action and invite you to join us in our multiple efforts to eliminate health inequities.  Actions individuals, families, communities, city agencies, academic institutions, schools, and community-based organizations take can all contribute to improving the health of Berkeley residents.  Below are a number of activities, actions and resources (and the list will grow) that we think are important to read, reflect on, and use in this work, and we invite your participation!

City of Berkeley Public Health Division
1947 Center Street, Second Floor, Berkeley, CA 94704
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Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Berkeley Community Action Forum

Held on September 25, 2007, this successful event attracted 125 participants and gathered insights from City agencies, community-based agencies, other partners, and resident groups on actions we can all take to address persistent health inequities here in Berkeley. Following a brief presentation of the 2007 Health Status Report, we had community member testimony, and small group discussions focused around particular topic areas of interest in Berkeley such as Housing, Education, Employment, Asthma, Obesity, Youth Issues, Violence and Environment. The event featured dinner, informational tables, and childcare open to all participants. The Synopsis for Action Report details the concerns, interventions and priorities that participants developed during group discussions. Follow-up plans from the forum as well as recommendations will be further detailed here soon.

Forum Q&A

Eight questions asked at the Community Action Forum (ranging from "What are the causes of Low Birth Weight?" to "Please reassure me that junk food is out of [Berkeley] Schools?") are answered in this document by several staff in HHS including the Health Officer, the Division Epidemiologist, staff in School-Linked Health ServicesMental Health Division leadership, and others.

Organizations and Community Groups Reducing Health Inequities

Despite gains in health outcomes overall, Berkeley has persistent disparities in many health outcomes. Although it takes years to impact health risk factors and outcomes, we know this can be done. Communities have and continue to organize to gain control over their destinies - they have made improvements in the social and environmental conditions that affect health. This brochure contains a few possibilities to consider joining and supporting.