Regular Meeting

MOnday, March 16, 2009
7 p.m.
Maudelle Shirek Building
2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
City Council Chambers, Second Floor
Berkeley, CA
Broadcast Live - KPFB - 89.3 (N. Berkeley)
BTV Cable Channel 33

Video Archive (2hrs, 51 mins)


1. Roll Call.  - 7:00 PM

2.  Approval of agenda.

3.   Public forum.

4.   Approval of February 19, 2009 regular meeting minutes .

5.   Appeal time certain. – 7:15 PM

Appeal T-4905; 1629 63rd Street.  Both the landlord and tenant appeal the hearing examiner’s decision that awarded rent overcharges for several habitability violations (leaking roof, broken washing machine, raccoon problem, etc.) and for uncompensated time spent by the tenant assisting the landlord in managing and maintaining the property.  Upon review, staff recommends that the hourly rate for the tenant’s labor be increased from $15.00 to $15.50 and that the tenant be compensated for an additional 13 hours of labor.  The decision of the hearing examiner should be otherwise affirmed.

6. Action items.    From Board Members, Executive Director and Committees

a. Adoption of the 2009/2010 Budget time line and the scheduling of the Public Hearing for possible fee increase.   (Budget and Personnel Committee and Executive Director)

b. Proposal to approve staff recommendation on the following requests for waiver of late registration penalties. (Executive Director)

Ministerial Waivers

Waiver No.      Property Address
3698                 1741 Rose Street 
3703                 1552 Milvia
3704                 2231-2235 Derby Street
3707                 1505 Julia Street
3708                 2424 Warring Street
3712                 1864 1866/1868 Alcatraz Avenue
3726                 1333 Santa Fe Avenue

Discretionary Waivers

Waiver No.      Property Address
3685                 3242 California Street
3706                 1348 Rose Street
3714                 1726-10th Street
3717                 1712-10th Street
3719                 2626 Etna Street   
3720                 1640 Euclid Avenue
3727                 3107 California Street
3729                 1641 & 1647 Lincoln Street; 1614 McGee Avenue

7.    Information and Announcements

Please Note:  The Board may move Information Items to the Action Calendar.

a. Reports from Board Members/Staff.

(1) Mid-Year Budget Update and Initial FY 2009 Year-end Projections. (Executive Director)

(2) Update on foreclosure letters. (Executive Director) (To be delivered.)

(3) Measure Y Tracking Report.  (Executive Director)

(4) Update on tenant survey. (Executive Director)

(5) Update on contract and timeline with Software AG to perform a formal analysis of the Board’s business processes to develop a comprehensive blueprint to replace and upgrade the Board’s 15 year-old RTS computer system. (Executive Director)

(6) March 3, 2009 News Release from Oakland City Attorney’s office titled Oakland’s Tenant Protection Law Upheld by Appeals Court.  (Executive Director)

(7) Lawful Rent Ceiling letters to landlords and tenants.  (Executive Director)

(8)  Update on proposed revisions to the Condominium Conversion Ordinance. (Executive Director)

(9) Housing California April 27 – April 29, 2009.  Reminder to register before March 31st for discounted rate. (Executive Director)

(10)March13, 2009 Daily Californian article by Carol Yur titled City Helps Renters Hold Onto Housing.  (Tregub)

b.     Announcements of upcoming Committee/Board Meetings.

(1) Budget and Personnel

a. February 13, 2009 meeting minutes.

b. February 20, 2009 meeting minutes.

c. February 27, 2009 meeting minutes.

d. March 6, 2009 meeting agenda.

(2) Outreach

a. February 6, 2009 meeting minutes.

b. February 20, 2009 meeting minutes.

c. March 6, 2009 meeting agenda.

(3) IRA/AGA and Habitability

a.  February 23, 2009 meeting agenda.

(4) Eviction/Section 8/Foreclosure

a.  February 26, 2009 meeting agenda.

(5) 4x4 City Council/RSB Housing Committee

(6) Safe & Sustainable Housing

a.  January 22, 2009 meeting agenda.

b.  February 19, 2009 meeting agenda.

c.  March 16, 2009 meeting agenda.

(7) Future Special Meetings

c.      Discussion of items for possible placement on future agenda.

8.    Adjournment