Tract Map (Vesting Tract Map)


Division of land or airspace into 5 or more lots, condominiums or units.

Enabling Resolution/Ordinance: 

BMC Title 21, State Subdivision Map Act

Payment Provisions: 

Time of Payment:     Partial at time of application; partial at time of final map.

Location of Payment:     Permit Service Center, 2120 Milvia Street

Payment Conditions:     No refunds of fee. Refund of deposit upon submittal  of duplicate mylar recorded map.

Inspections After Fee is Paid: 

Planning Commission action within 50 days after application is deemed complete. Tentative map valid for 2 years. Subdivider must complete improvements and enter into an improvement agreement with the City (Council approval of agreement is required) prior to submitting final map. Council must approve final map.

Other Pertinent Information: 

Improvement plans may be required after tentative approval depending upon the conditions of approval. Public improvements, street right of way and park land and improvement dedications may be imposed by Planning Commission.