1947 March 09 Image

Portraits From Kham  

Photographs by Martin Newman

March 5, 2009  –  June 5, 2009


An exhibition of color photographs of peoples of Eastern Tibet by local photographer Martin Newman, will be shown in the Lobby gallery of the City of  Berkeley building at 1947 Center Street, Berkeley, California.  The exhibition can be seen from March 5 through June 5, 2009, during regular business hours. The Lobby Gallery is open to the public and is wheelchair accessible.

Kham and Amdo are the far eastern provinces of old Tibet, which now encompass parts of Sichuan, Qinghai and Gansu provinces in the People’s Republic of  China. Today, part of Kham lies within what is known as the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) and part lies within the current boundaries of China, while Amdo is completely within China’s current borders. Kham is famous for the fierceness of its warriors, while Amdo is noted for its scholars. The Dalai Lama was born in Amdo.

Much of this area is at altitudes of 10,000-14,000 feet, with mountain passes as high as 16,500. A traveler here will encounter nomads and villagers thoroughly involved in Tibetan Buddhist traditions with renewed activity in scores of reconstructed monasteries and nunneries throughout the region.

Martin Newman took these photographs during the course of four trips to Kham and Amdo from 2004-2007. His intent in presenting them is to convey the spirit of these remarkable people and inspire support for the preservation of this precious and fragile culture.

Newman is a self-taught photographer and practicing psychotherapist who specializes in photographing indigenous peoples throughout the world. He is currently assembling a book of photographs of the people of Kham, Tibet.  In addition to exhibiting throughout the Bay Area, his photographs have appeared in National Geographic Traveler, The San Francisco Bay Guardian and the recently published “The Dawn of Modern Korea” and may be viewed at  www.martinnewman.org.

For information about this exhibition space please contact Mary Ann Merker Civic Arts Coordinator, City of Berkeley (510) 981-7533; mmerker@ci.berkeley.ca.us