Nancy Selvin, Artist


Media: Stone pavers inscribed with text

Dimensions: Two sites combined, 250 square feet

Date of Installation: 2002

Location: Addison Street Arts District

A guide to the Addison street sidewalk art 

Artwork by Nancy Selvin is featured in sites 2 and 10 of the Addison Street Sidewalk Art. Site number 10 is located on the southeast comer of Shattuck and Addison Street, while site number 2 is situated at the opposite end of the street where Addison meets Milvia Street. The total project size for both of the sites combined is approximately 250 square feet.

 For this project, Nancy Selvin has created 2' by 2' stone pavers that display a variety of incised and filled text of highlighted events and dates from Berkeley's history. The text forms statements about little-known but significant events from Berkeley's lively past, including events such as a visit from former President Teddy Roosevelt in 1903 and the importation of Australian Eucalyptus in 1856.

 The color and textural appeal of these inserts delight the palate of both the aesthetic eye and the intellectual mind. The artworks by Nancy Selvin surprise the viewer with their curious accounts of experiences gathered from past years and bestows on the Arts District a playful dialogue with the City's history.