Sofie Siegmann, Artist


Media: Hand-crafted, calcium aluminate cement tiles, etched with acid stains

Dimensions: Two sites combined, 200 square feet

Date of Installation: 2002

Location: Addison Street Arts District

A guide to the Addison street sidewalk art

Sidewalk Art by Sofie Siegmann is located on opposing sides of Addison Street about 120 feet west of Shattuck Avenue. Site number 7 on the north side of Addison Street features "Day Song", whereas site number 8 displays "Night Song". Each design is approximately 100 square feet in size.

 Both pieces are constructed from handcrafted, calcium­aluminate cement tiles that have been etched with acid stains in various colors. The tiles highlight words, animal tracks and symbols that refer to the day and the night. Each insert includes polyurethane elements within the tiles. For "Day Song", these inserts depict the welcoming sun and its vast rays. The "Night Song" piece contains large star constellations that are significant to Native American history.

 The vibrant interlocking tiles, accompanied by a mix of text and symbols, give this artwork an abstract and provocative character. Sofie Siegmann's artwork brings a metaphysical quality to Addison Street that speaks of the universe's transcendental beauty.