April Watkins, Artist


Media: Porcelain Italian tile and natural stone mosaic

Dimensions: 100 square feet

Date of Installation: 2002

Location: Addison Street Arts District


A guide to the Addison street sidewalk art

Artwork by April Watkins is featured at site number 5 of the Addison Street Sidewalk Art. Located due west of the Capoeira Arts Cafe, this site contains a tile mosaic piece that is approximately 100 square feet in size.

 Inspired by Afro-Brazilian design and culture, April Watkins has installed "drum-shaped" mosaics made of porcelain Italian tile in combination with natural stone inlays. The mosaics are set in a background of concrete that has been inlaid with small bits of tile and sparkling materials.

 Reflecting world cultures and the general cadence of Berkeley, these "drums" suggest the "life" of music, dance, and culture. The elaborate and colorful design of the tiles invites viewers to explore the rhythms within the artwork and in turn, call to mind the countless rhythms of the world.