Tree Roots

Rebecca Schwarz, Artist

Media: Welded Steel and Concrete

Dimensions: Two sites combined, 200 square feet

Date of Installation: 2002

Location: Addison Street Arts District

A guide to the Addison street sidewalk art

Artwork constructed by Rebecca Aviva Schwarz is installed on sites 1 and 4 of the Addison Street Sidewalk Art. Site number 1 is about 90 square feet and is situated on the northeast comer of Milvia and Addison Streets. Site number 4 is located on the south side of Addison Street in front of the Addison Street Window Gallery and is about 100 square feet in size.

 Rebecca Aviva Schwarz has designed and fabricated welded-steel inserts that resemble the roots of trees. The combination of steel and concrete illustrates the interweaving root formations of the Surrounding trees into the concrete. In site number 1 the steel roots look as if they gather and entwine with the plumbing of the fire hydrant. In site number 4, Schwarz's steel roots appear to be intermingling with the roots of the two surrounding trees. Within the formation of roots are subtle shapes that suggest life-supporting organs, such as a human heart.

 Rebecca Aviva Schwarz's Sidewalk Art calls to attention the natural Surroundings of the Addison Street Arts District. The steel roots create an awareness of the trees' existence and their companionship with the downtown cityscape. Schwarz's contribution provides the Arts District with an appreciation for the ecological life that coexists with today's urban setting.