Diana Maria Rossi, Artist


Media: Stained-glass mosaic

Dimensions: 25" tall x 39.5" wide

Date of Installation: 2002

Location: Addison Street Arts District

A guide to the Addison street sidewalk art

Diana Maria Rossi's artwork is featured on the wall of the City parking garage, at the easternmost end of the Gallery display windows on Addison Street. This piece was initially proposed as part of the Sidewalk Art on Addison Street, but due to safety reasons Diana Rossi's artwork had to be modified to an upright orientation and placed on a wall instead of the sidewalk.

The artwork features a stained-glass mosaic that is approximately 25 inches high by 39.5 inches wide. The overall design of this piece consists of heart and leaf shapes linked together to form a larger heart shape. Within the larger heart shape, the artist has inserted 47 "magic pennies." Each "magic penny" is comprised of a photographic image of a child, surrounded by bits of copper smalti tile. The individuality of each face highlights the multicultural spirit of Berkeley's populace as well as that of the greater world.

 The concept of this piece is to play upon the idea of the lucky penny found in the street. The term "magic penny" originated from a song by Berkeley resident and musician, Malvina Reynolds. An image of Reynolds is also featured in this piece as a celebration of her creative deeds. With a title like "Good Fortune" this wonderful piece renews in each of us the hope for a bright future for all children, and in turn for all of us.