Carolynn Haydu, Artist

Media: Hand painted cast glass

Dimensions: 5.5’ x 10.5’

Date of Installation: 2002

Location: Addison Street Arts District

A guide to the Addison street sidewalk art

To further enhance the collection of Public Art in downtown Berkeley, Carolynn Haydu has created a glass art piece that is installed on the western side of the entrance to the City parking garage on 2020 Addison Street. This piece was originally intended to be part of the Addison Street Sidewalk Art, but due to safety precautions, was not suitable for a public walkway. In order to include this piece in the Addison Street Arts District, the City worked with Carolynn Haydu to find a new location that could accommodate her art piece in a vertical, upright orientation.

Approximately 5.5 feet tall by 10.5 feet wide, this piece is enclosed in a metal frame and consists of cast glass blocks that are hand-painted blue. Carolynn Haydu's artwork emulates the organic nature of the sky and of water. In the artist's own words, this piece offers" a refreshing experience by contrasting with the concrete pavement that dominates city streets. "

The transparent and organic qualities of this piece convey to the viewer an impression of open skies and spacious waters, which "conjure up spatial freedom and fluidity." Placed within the City's urban center, Carolynn Haydu's piece revitalizes the visual eye with memento of nature in surprising places.