Lynne-Rachel Altman, Artist


Media: Cast cement tiles and brick

Dimensions: Two sites combined,144 square feet

Date of Installation: 2002

Location: Addison Street Arts District

A guide to the addison street sidewalk art

Sites 6 and 9 of the Addison Street Sidewalk Art are constructed with artwork by Lynne-Rachel Altman. Site number 6 is located on the south side of Addison Street in front of ELS Architects at 2020 Addison Street. Site number 9 is located approximately 10 feet from Shattuck Avenue on the northeast corner of Addison Street. The total project size for both of the sites combined is approximately 144 square feet.

For both sites, Lynne-Rachel Altman has arranged cast-cement tiles that feature depictions of ears and mouths. Interlaid with these tiles are bricks that are imprinted with the phrase "Make. Art" in a variety of languages.

 The "Make Art" inserts provide a sense of voice and listening to the street. The playful "mouths" allow the street to speak and encourage people to make art. The multiple languages reflect the multicultural voice of the artist's hometown of Berkeley, while the attentive "ears" touch upon the surrounding noises and prompt viewers to listen to the sounds of the street.