Artist Joe Slusky's Calliope Sculpture Restoration


For 30 years, Joseph Slusky’s “Calliope” has been a critical part of the Berkeley Marina, as well as a major contribution to the City of Berkeley’s public art collection. This year, a small percentage of the City of Berkeley’s Public Art Fund as well as a generous donation from Douglas Herst has helped return the original exuberance to this extraordinary piece. Skilled artist Josh VonNonn was hired to renew the piece; patching up nicks and dents, re-painting the steel surfaces to bright, vivid colors and transforming the three-decade old piece into a dazzling, colorful spectacle against the nautical backdrop of the Berkeley Marina. 

The beautiful restored “Calliope” is displayed at the Berkeley Marina Mall on University Ave between Marina Boulevard and Seawall Drive. An opening reception for the restored sculpture was held at the Berkeley Marina Mall on Saturday, Oct 15th at 12 pm. Mayor Tom Bates was in attendance, along with the artist and restorer. Photos of the reception appear below.  To see the postcard for the event and restoration CLICK HERE.

In restoring “Calliope” to its original magnificence, the city preserves its valuable public art collection for the public’s enjoyment for years to come.



 Restored Calliope 1
 Restoration Calliope 2
 Restoration Calliope 3
 Restoration Calliope 4


Restoration efforts as of 6/19/16: 

 Slusky restoration 1
  Slusky restoration 2



 The Calliope sculpture had its first restoration in 2004. See the complete history here.