2008 Annual Report Budget Expenditure Chart

Budget Expenditure Pie Graph FY 2008 and FY 2009

Public Works: 24 percent  
Police: 14 percent
Fund Transfers, Debt Services and other Non-Departmental Costs: 13 percent 
Housing (see note below): 11 percent  
Health and Human Services: 8 percent
General Government (see note below): 8 percent
Fire: 7 percent
Parks Recreation and Waterfront: 6 percent
Departments of Planning and Economic Development: 4 percent 
Library: 4 percent

The City’s revenue comes from many places, including state and federal funds, property taxes, fees, and restricted funds, like the library and parks taxes. When people talk about the budget, they usually mean the General Fund, but the services that residents receive actually come from many sources. This chart reflects the TOTAL amount the City spends on services, divided by department. 

A few notes about this graph:


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