This survey no longer active. 
It has been posted
 for informational purposes only.

City of Berkeley Cultural Plan Survey

Fall, 2002

The City of Berkeley is currently developing a five-year cultural development plan. The comments and ideas of Berkeley citizens are critical to developing a plan that will generate positive impacts for the arts and all Berkeley residents. We would appreciate if you would take a few moments to complete this short survey. All responses are confidential and anonymous. No attempt will be made to identify you as a respondent. Thank you for you help on this important project.

If you are are non-profit Arts Organization (501C3), please download and complete the 
Economic Impact of the Arts Survey. Information from the Economic Impact Survey will be used in conjunction with the Cultural Plan Public Comment form in developing the CIty of Berkeley Cultural Plan. All information will be kept 100% confidential.

This survey is your opportunity to provide comments as Berkeley develops an arts and culture plan for its residents.

If you are unable to read or submit this form online, please participate by contacting us via email, telephone 510-705-8183, or TDD 510-644-6915

A. What of the following would you like to see addressed in a cultural plan?  (check all that apply)


B. What do you like best about living in Berkeley?


C. What do you see missing in Berkeley's cultural fabric?


D. a) If you could envision future cultural opportunities in Berkeley, what would they be?


b) Who would the cultural opportunities primarily benefit?


E. What do you think should be the role of the Berkeley city government in cultural development?



F. Are you a resident of Berkeley?


G. Are you... (check all that apply)

An artist / musician / writer
A teacher in the arts or humanities
Arts Administrator
Arts Volunteer
Other (please identify in the space below)


H. Do you make your living from a field related to the arts or culture?

Uncertain (please identify in the space below why)


I. What is your age?

Under 18
Over 74 years

J. What is your gender?


K. In the last year have you attended any of the following in Berkeley?
(check all that apply)

A theater production
A concert
Dance event
Art Galleries
Arts festival
other (please identify in the space below)


L. Other comments...