Dona Spring Animal Shelter Under Construction

The City of Berkeley is in the process of building a beautiful new animal shelter at the north end of Aquatic Park. The new location will be highly visible from the freeway and more accessible for shelter visitors and volunteers. The new building is two stories and has many improved features, including: a medical suite for on-site spay and neutering; expanded facilities for protecting healthy animals and caring for sick ones; on-site, fenced-in play areas; indoor-outdoor kennels, and more.

Construction of the new shelter has not distracted us from our core animal care services! Visit the Berkeley Animal Care Services page to find out how to adopt an animal, what to do about a dog bite, how to have your pet licensed, and more.

29 April 2011 Mat Slab With Boy  
April 29, 2011: A young supervisor observes the pouring of the concrete slab.

 BACS Shelter Construction Photo 6 May 2011 
May 6, 2011: Building begins to take shape.

Existing Animal Shelter 
Current Shelter (2013 Second Street)
Berkeley's New Animal Shelter
Architectural Drawing of New Shelter (1 Bolivar Drive)

History of the Project
Measure I was approved by Berkeley voters in November 2002.  It authorized the City Council to issue $7.2 million in General Obligation Bonds to acquire property if necessary and construct or rehabilitate a building for a new, larger animal shelter.  The measure is to ensure that the shelter meets the additional requirements which have been imposed by state law regarding the length of time animals are to be held in the shelter and related services which must be provided for them. The goal of the measure is to provide a safe working environment for staff and a community friendly facility for the public.

As the result of a search and evaluation of alternative sites the City purchased a property at 1 Bolivar Drive on which to construct the new Animal Shelter. The site is located at the north end of Aquatic Park (between the East Shore Freeway and 2nd Street). The site was chosen because it is adjacent to Aquatic Park, affords easy access to areas for exercising and socializing animals, and is not in close proximity to any residential uses. Burks Toma Architects, a local Berkeley architectural firm, designed the new Animal Shelter. The construction project has been awarded to Broward Builders, Inc.

Naming of the Shelter
On November 18, 2008, the City Council accepted the recommendation of the Berkeley Humane Commission (now the Berkeley Animal Care Commission) and voted to name the shelter after Councilmember Dona Spring (read the full report here).


WHEREAS, the City of Berkeley is in the process of purchasing 1 Bolivar Drive as the
site for the new animal shelter; and

WHEREAS, Councilmember Dona Spring was instrumental in highlighting animal
welfare problems in Berkeley and was central in solving them; and

WHEREAS, she championed the council decision to create the new position
of volunteer coordinator in the shelter; and

WHEREAS, she fought for new Berkeley laws affecting animal welfare, such as the
spay and neuter of animals; and

WHEREAS, she demanded that Berkeley's adoptable animals not be euthanized; and

WHEREAS, she spoke out on animal welfare and fostered a new favorable appreciation
in the bond between humans and pets; and

WHEREAS, her unlimited compassion led her to make many positive differences for
beings, be they human or animal.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Council of the City of Berkeley hereby
approves the naming of the new Animal Shelter in honor of Councilmember Dona