Councilmember Linda Maio
Appointees to City of Berkeley Boards and Commissions


Members of boards and commissions provide an invaluable service to our City. They advise the City Council on a wide variety of subjects by making recommendations on important policy matters. Over the years the services and programs provided by the City have expanded. Without the assistance of the various boards and commissions, the City Council could give many complex and significant matters only a perfunctory review. The detailed studies and considered advice of boards and commissions are often catalysts for innovative programs and improved services.   

Serving on a board or commission can be a rewarding experience for community service-minded residents. It is an excellent way to participate in the functioning of local government and to make a personal contribution to the improvement of our community. If we are to have government “of the people, by the people and for the people” we must have the continued participation of the many dedicated board and commission members. Making local government effective and responsible is everybody’s responsibility.  

 The City of Berkeley Commissioner's Manual   

 Animal Care Commission: Dr. Dianne Sequoia (1/2010)
Children, Youth, and Recreation Commission: Ms. Beth Gerstein (1/2013)
Civic Arts Commission: Ms. Robbin Henderson (2/2008)
Commission on Aging: Mr. Allen Stross (9/2007)
Commission on Disability: Ms. Denise Trahan (3/2008)
Commission on Labor: Mr. Sam Frankel (5/2013)
Commission on the Status of Women: Ms. Julia Hayer (2/2015)
Community Environmental Advisory Commission: Ms. Liz Varnaghen (3/2014)
Community Health Commission: Mr. Charles Lee (4/2012) & Ms. Alina Engelman (4/2015)
Disaster and Fire Safety Commission: Ms. Ruth Grimes (4/2013)
Elmwood BID Advisory Board: Mr. Andrew Han (3/2014)
Energy Commission: Mr. Anthony Bernhardt (3/2015)
Fair Campaign Practices Commission: Mr. Dave Ritchie (6/2010)
Homeless Commission: Ms. Marianna Sempari (1/2014)
Housing Advisory Commission: Ms. Jill Martinucci (3/2015)
Human Welfare & Community Action Commission: Ms. Jill Dunner (12/2013)
Landmarks Preservation Commission: Mr. Dmitri Belser (3/2014)
Loan Administration Board: (Vacant - email to apply)
Medical Cannabis Commission: Ms. Tina Ferguson-Riffe (6/2011)
Parks and Waterfront Commission: Ms. Maritessa Bravo Ares (2/2015)
Peace & Justice Commission: Ms. Rita Maran (4/2008)
Personnel Board: Ms. Jenny Wenk (12/2013)
Planning Commission: Mr. Jim Novosel (6/2008)
Police Review Commission: Ms. Ann Rogers (5/2012)
Public Works Commission: Ms. Margo Schueler (8/2015)
Public Works Commission: Ms. Margo Schueler (8/2015)
Solano Avenue BID Advisory Board: Mr. Ed Mahl (1/2015)
Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Product Panel of Experts: Ms. Nancy Fenstermacher (3/2015)
Transportation Commission: Ms. Savlan Hauser (4/2015)
Youth Commission: Mr. Jesse Barber (11/2013)
Zero Waste Commission: Ms. Janice Wenning (9/2012)
Zoning Adjustments Board: Mr. Prakash Pinto (4/2013)