State of the City 2008

Mayor Bates - SOC 2008 Rose Garden View
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On May 13, 2008, Mayor Bates delivered the State of the City Address at West Berkeley’s Meyer Sound Pearson Theater. This year, he highlighted a homegrown Berkeley company. Meyer Sound, an internationally recognized leader in sound systems, manufactures and hires locally and generously supports the arts in our community. In the State of the City, the Mayor addressed the challenges we face as a city as well as the bright future that lies ahead. He also thanked some of the key partnerships that have made this city so vibrant. 

Arts & Entertainment
Climate Action & Transit
Economic Development
Health & Community Well-Being
Youth & Education

The address aired on Berkeley’s BETV (Comcast channel 33) and was streamed live on KPFB and can be downloaded from their archives.


State Of The City 2007

 State of the City 2007 Mayor Bates Outlines Sustainable Berkeley
Vision in Fifth State of the City Address

On February 13, 2007 Mayor Tom Bates delivered the 2007 State of the City Address (pdf), calling for building the City's economy around innovative and green business, the arts, and our unique and independent retail. 

In the speech before the City Council and a capacity crowd at Old City Hall, he also outlined his agenda for implementing the bold greenhouse gas reduction effort adopted by voters with Measure G in last November's election.

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