Berkeley has some of the best public schools in the state. At all levels, however, a significant achievement gap remains for our African-American and Latino students and those from low-income families.

Mayor Arreguin is working to close these educational disparities by prioritizing the City’s role in the Vision 2020 Initiative,whose aim is to create equitable outcomes.

The Mayor also hopes to realize a universal early childhood education program, increase youth access to city recreation opportunities, and work with BUSD to expand classroom facilities. As one of the two councilmembers on the 2x2 Committee, the Mayor collaborates with BUSD on issues ranging from parking, to homelessness, to establishing Berkeley as a Sanctuary City.




Vision 2020 Initiative

Mayor Arreguin has prioritized the Vision 2020 Initiative's goals, which include ensuring all children enter kindergarten ready to learn, supporting universal reading proficiency, improving attendance, and readying high school students for college and career paths.

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The Berkeley Promise

The Berkeley Promise is a college access and matriculation scholarship initiative that supports Berkeley Public School low-income and/or first-generation graduates. Emphasizing the multiple pathways to lifelong career success, the Berkeley Promise supports every student being assured a pathway to college and career that is accessible and viable.