Green Building Requirements

Building Sustainably Green buildings provide healthy, comfortable building interiors that maximize savings through the efficient use of energy and water and limit construction impacts on the natural environment. The City of Berkeley requires that new buildings, alterations, and additions meet the requirements of the California State Green Building Code (CALGreen). Documentation of compliance with CALGreen must be provided with plans submitted for building permits and can be provided with these customized City of Berkeley CALGreen checklists:CALGreen New Residential Checklist

Green building requirements for projects requiring a Zoning Use Permit (UP) or Administrative Use Permit (AUP) are listed below, for more information see Green Building Requirements.

In addition, Berkeley has supplemental green building policies that ensure that we continue to divert waste from landfills, reduce energy and water usage in our buildings, and help our community meet our environmental and Climate Action Plan goals. 

Green Design A green building takes a holistic approach to design, siting, construction, and operation to enhance the well being of its occupants and minimize the negative impacts on the community and natural environment.

Energy An energy-efficient building reduces greenhouse gas emissions, lowers utility bills, and improves comfort.

Water: Controlling stormwater runoff protects the San Francisco Bay and our local creeks and watersheds. Construction activities are the largest source of stormwater pollution in the Bay. Water conservation helps save water while saving money and energy.

*California Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (WELO) requirements are met through compliance with Bay Friendly and EBMUD Water Efficiency regulations.

Waste: Conservation and reuse of building materials and recycling construction and demolition debris saves valuable resources and landfill space.


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Local Agencies:

City of Berkeley Office of Energy and Sustainable Development

Green Building in Alameda County

Build It Green

U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)


East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD)