California Accidental Release Prevention (CalARP) Program

The goal of the CalARP program is to reduce the likelihood and severity of consequences of extremely hazardous materials releases.  Any business which handles Regulated Substances (including Federally listed Extremely Hazardous Substances and State listed Acutely Hazardous Materials above reportable thresholds) is required to prepare a Risk Management Plan.  The Risk Management Plan describes current and past practices and releases, what the impact of releases may be, and what they do or plan to do to prevent releases and minimize their impact if one occurs.

Additional information about the CalARP program, including the regulations, is available at the State of California, Office of Emergency Services website at and navigating to the Hazardous Materials page.  

The City of Berkeley's Toxics Management Division has received and reviewed an updated Risk Management Plan for Bayer Healthcare, LLC.  The public comment period is now open until June 5, 2015.  Please see the link below for more information.

2015 Public Review