Underground Storage Tank Program

The Toxics Management Division (TMD) regulates underground storage tanks (USTs) that contain hazardous substances in Berkeley. USTs are used to store large quantities of hazardous materials such as gasoline, diesel, and bio-diesel. TMD oversees regulatory compliance and construction permits for USTs.

Toxics- UST Install

Regulatory Compliance

TMD regulates USTs to ensure that hazardous substances are safely stored in USTs, and not released into soil and groundwater. UST operators are required to comply with Chapter 6.7 of Division 20 of the California Health and Safety Code, and Title 23 of the California Code or Regulations. TMD conducts annual compliance inspections at UST facilities to evaluate their compliance with these codes and regulations.

Operators of facilities with USTs are required to report annually through the California EPA's CERS website.

New forms must be submitted any time the information changes.

Reporting instructions can be found at https://cersbusiness2.calepa.ca.gov/Help.

Construction Permits

TMD also oversees permits required for the removal, installation or modification of USTs. Businesses that want to install, remove, or modify a UST should start the permit process by contacting the Permit Service Center at (510) 981-7500.

Generally, a Toxics UST Permit Application is required for any work on a UST that is not just a like-for-like change-out. TMD must approve the UST Permit Application and fees must be collected before work may be initiated at the site. Inspections must be prearranged with TMD's Hazardous Materials Specialists to ensure the work is properly completed.

Permitting for Enhanced Vapor Recovery

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has required all Gasoline Dispensing Facilities (GDFs) to install Phase II Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) equipment by April 1, 2009. There are City of Berkeley permits required for these installations. The City of Berkeley's EVR Permitting page lists detailed requirements.