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In 2006, Berkeley voters issued a call to action on the climate change challenge by overwhelmingly endorsing ballot Measure G. The mandate was simple but bold: Reduce our entire community’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80% below 2000 levels by 2050. The Berkeley Climate Action Plan was written through a community-wide process and was adopted by City Council on June 2, 2009. The community’s target for the year 2020 is to reduce community-wide GHG emissions 33% (below 2000 levels). To review Climate Action Plan goals and progress in more detail please visit Climate Action Plan Progress.

Vision for a more sustainable Berkeley outlined in the Climate Action Plan:

Get involved, make the vision a reality! Join one of the working groups of the Berkeley Climate Action Coalition.  The Coalition is made up of local non-profits, educational institutions, businesses, faith-based organizations, public health organizations, neighborhood groups, government agencies and committed individuals, all working together to implement the Berkeley Climate Action Plan.

To learn more about the plan itself, download and read the Climate Action Plan:
Berkeley Climate Action Plan Executive Summary OR Berkeley Climate Action Plan Full Report  

Additional Information:

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