Regular Meeting Minutes

Monday, April 2, 2001
7:00 p.m.


Members Present:  Maldonado, Janowitz, Anderson, Bernay, Spector, Harris, Hogarth, Alberti 

Absent:  Siegel 

Staff Present:  Gelb, Kelly, Wyche

Roll Call 7:06 PM

Item 2. Approval of the Agenda. APPROVED AS WRITTEN. M/S/C (Janowitz/Harris) Passed 7-0-0-2. Absent: Siegel.

Item 3. Public Forum. There was one speaker, Andrew Marowitz, a Berkeley landlord.

Item 4. Approval of the Minutes. M/S/C (Harris/Janowitz) APPROVED AS WRITTEN. Passed 6-0-2-1. Abstain: Anderson, Bernay; Absent: Siegel.

Item 5.a. Appeals in T-3798 - 2620 Stuart Street, #4. (Second hearing - continued from March 19, 2001 meeting.) M/S (Maldonado/Spector) TO VACATE THE HEARING EXAMINER'S DECISION, SET ASIDE THE TENTATIVE SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT, INCREASE THE STANDARD RENT BY15%, AND EXTEND THE TIME TO FILE A NEW L PETITION. A friendly amendment was made by Commissioner Spector and accepted: TO INCLUDE LOSS OF USE OF THE LAUNDRY FACILITIES IN DETERMINING THE RENT REDUCTION.

The following substitute motion was made. M/S/C (Harris/Janowitz) TO VACATE THE HEARING EXAMINER'S DECISION AND REINSTATE THE DECISION BASED ON THE SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT. A roll call vote was taken. Yes: Janowitz, Anderson, Bernay, Harris, Alberti; No: Maldonado, Spector, Hogarth; Abstain: None. Absent: Siegel. Passed: 5-3-0-1.

Item 5.b. Appeal in T-3878 - 2628 Regent Street, Apt. A. M/S/C (Maldonado/Hogarth) TO RETURN APPEAL TO THE HEARING EXAMINER TO CALCULATE A RENT REDUCTION BASED ON TENANT'S PAYMENT OF WATER. A roll call vote was taken. Yes: Maldonado, Janowitz, Anderson, Spector, Hogarth, Alberti; No: None; Abstain: Bernay, Harris; Absent: Siegel. Passed. 6-0-2-1.

Item 6.a. Discussion of costs of proposed new projects for the Fiscal Year 2001/2002 and the implications for the budget and for the setting of the fee. (Budget and Personnel). M/S/C (Maldonado/Harris) TO HAVE A SPECIAL BOARD MEETING ON APRIL 30, 2001 TO DISCUSS THE FISCAL YEAR 2001/2002 BUDGET. MEETING TO BE HELD IN THE LAW LIBRARY AT 2001 CENTER STREET, 2ND FLOOR. Passed. 8-0-0-1 Absent: Siegel.

Item 7. Announcements of upcoming Committee Meetings.

(1) Budget/Personnel - Tuesday, April 10 at 5PM in the Law Library, 2001 Center Street, 2nd Floor. (2) Community Education & Outreach - Thursday, April 12 at 5:30 Law Library. (3) Eviction - Thursday, April 19 at 6:15PM, Law Library. (4) IRA/Annual General Adjustment - Will be set. (5) Student Outreach & Internship - Will be set. (6) 3x3 City Council/RSB Housing Committee - No meeting set.

Adjournment was at 10:19 PM