It is possible to correct a name misspelled on a birth/death certificate.   You just need to send the following documents to the California Department of Public Health along with the appropriate fee:

  • Form VS24 (no erasures, whiteouts, photocopies or alterarions of this form are allowed)
  • Application Form (VS-111) with a notarized sworn statement (if you wish to receive a copy of the amended record)
  • If you are correcting a misspelling on the parent's name or an error on parent's date of birth, you MUST include a photocopy of the parent's birth certificate.
  • If you are correcting a error from the hospital, please attached documentation from the hospital.
  • Within one year of the birth:
    • There is no fee to amend a record, but you do not get a copy of the amended record.
    • A fee is required if you wish to get a copy of the amended record.  Click here to check how much is the current fee. 
  • If the birth occurred more than one year ago:
    • A fee will apply, which includes one Certified Copy of the Amended Record.
    • The fee for additional copies are the same as if you were applying for a birth certificate directly through the State Registrar.
California Department of Public Health 
Office of Vital Records - MS 5103
P.O.Box 997410
Sacramento, CA 95899-7410

You must send a Check or Money Order payable to OFFICE OF VITAL RECORDS.   Do not mail cash or other types of payment, as the State will be unable to accept them.