Amending a Record


Corrections to misspelled names or to parent’s information and/or other typographical errors can be made with an Affidavit to Amend a Record form (Form VS-24).  These forms are available at our office or at any local California registrar's office.  Send the completed Affidavit form to the State Office of Vital Records.   If the amendment occurs more than one year from the date of birth or death, include the $23 fee that is charged by the State to make changes and issue a copy of the amended record.   

The Medical Information listed on the birth certificate comes directly from the data chart in the hospital or medical facility where the person was born.  Changes on that part of a birth certificate requires signatures from the medical practicioner who delivered the baby, therefore you must contact the hospital where the event occurred in order to request the changes.  To correct the mistake, have the Hospital or Medical Facility fill out the amendment form and submit it to the State Registrar in Sacramento, CA.   There is a fee of $23 if the birth certificate is older than one year.

No.  The amendment form (VS-24) is only used to correct misspelled names (child, mother, father physician), add the first and middle name when there was none registered in the past or to add information to blank fields.   

No.  To add the Father's Name to a Birth Certificate, you have to use different forms.   If the parents are married, you may use the Acknowledgement of Paternity Form (VS-22) and submit that signed by both parents, along with the Copy of the Marriage Certificate.  However, if the parents are not married, you may use the Declaration of Paternity Form (CS-909) and the Acknowledgement of Paternity Form (VS-22).    If you need to obtain blank copies of the form CS-909, you must come in person to our office or request them through the county or state recorder's office.  Click here to see their contact information.